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Falls Prevention Awareness Week

Falls Prevention Awarness - Exercise for Disabled Persons

Falls Prevention Awareness Week: Ready, Steady, Balance

Did you know that every 11 seconds in the U.S., a senior adult is seen in an emergency room for a fall-related injury? Probably you know someone who has been injured when falling, or  you yourself have fallen.   In 2008, the National Council on Aging started observing National Falls Prevention Week and National Falls Prevention Awareness Day.   This effort raises awareness about how falls can be prevented with some common-sense practices, especially for the senior population.


Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in 2016

The 9th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) will be observed on the first day of fall. The event raises awareness about prevention of fall-related injuries among older adults. The theme of this year’s event is “Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in 2016.”  Today, participation in falls prevention observances has spread to 48 states and the District of Columbia.

Since the National Council  is emphasizing the theme “Ready, Steady, Balance Prevent Falls in 2016”, it is important to recognize that  exercise and balance are vital to seniors’ health.

Preventive Steps

The first step to preventing falls is to get involved in a balance and exercise program regularly. This could be a gentle stretching and balance program done while seated, or it could be square dancing; it depends on the senior’s interest, health and physical ability. Your local senior citizens’ center probably offers an exercise program suitable for you.

Help at Home

Other steps are about taking care of your health. Scheduling visits with a doctor regularly, learning about your medications, and getting vision and hearing checks are common-sense routines for everyone.


Finally, there are safety practices around your house that can prevent falls throughout your house.  And the last step is  asking for help from family members, from friends. Also check the local resources and agencies that can help you avoid falls in your home and in the community.


See the video online “6 steps to Prevent a Fall” in both English and Spanish at

Caregiver-Aid has a free downloadable e-book “Preventing Falls Around the House” that can help you assess the risks of falling in a seniors’ home, and make changes for safety.

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