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Shampooing with the EZ-Shampoo Tray

EZ-Shampoo Tray

EZ-Shampoo Tray for Senior Shampoos

EZ-Shampoo Tray makes it easy to get a clean head of hair that makes everyone look and feel better. So, a shampoo is certainly necessary. How would you shampoo the hair of someone who uses a wheelchair and wants to use a sink for washing hair?  An occupational therapist can make suggestions about the easiest way for you to do this in your home with the loved one you care for regularly.

There are a few ways to make the work of a shampoo a little easier. If the loved one is in a wheelchair and wants to wash his or her hair in a sink, then using the EZ-Shampoo Tray, arrange the wheelchair with the back facing the sink. It is helpful if the wheelchair can recline slightly, but the task can be done in a wheelchair that does not recline.  See that the patient’s shoulder height is equal to the height of the counter or higher in order to achieve comfortable positioning and fewer water spills.  Using a cushion for the patient might help to achieve better positioning.  Use caution around wet floors.

Use a plastic cape to cover clothing like the ones worn at a hair salon to keep clothing dry.  Have some towels ready for the patient to dry their face and hair.

Make sure that the spray wand at the sink can reach the person’s head comfortably.  If there is not enough hose length to reach comfortably, there are spray wands that have a very long hose that should accommodate the distance.  Test the water temperature before you begin to wet the hair.

A shampoo tray helps the loved one get a shampoo comfortably. This is especially

EZ Shampoo Tray

important when the patient cannot tolerate bending her neck backwards for a shampoo.  It is important not to put pressure on a patient’s neck artery in a way that might cause dizziness, fainting or circulation problems. The EZ-Shampoo Tray is a plastic tray that can be positioned on the patient’s shoulders and fits the back of the neck to help wash the hair and rinse into the sink. It is especially helpful if the patient has shoulder-length hair or longer. The tray is stabilized by straps that loop around the patient’s forearms while they sit in a regular chair or wheelchair.

Perhaps you would like for your loved one to get a shampoo and style at your hairdresser’s salon. Call ahead and tell them about your needs.  Hairdressers who frequently serve elderly and disabled persons may be quite accustomed to this method of shampooing and may have chairs that recline and are adjustable in height as well. They may already have a shampoo tray also.  Or, you could bring your own EZ-Shampoo Tray to the salon for them to use. Stylists may need your help or the patient’s help in transferring to a styling chair from a wheelchair. Visit EZ-Access to view product info.

There are several ways to safely and comfortably shampoo, whether in bed or in the shower stall or bathtub.    We will cover those methods in future articles.


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