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EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower

shampoo and shower gel


Shampoo with the EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower

EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower helps caregivers who face a special problem in everyday care. Giving a shampoo to someone who cannot sit or stand for 15 minutes or so to get a shampoo is one of those challenges.  A patient who has to stay in bed needs to have a shampoo at least once or twice a week, however.  Using the EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower the patient will look and feel better about themselves afterwards.

Here are some methods and the equipment to give a shampoo to a loved one who is in bed.

EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower

Using an EZ Shampoo Inflatable Basin is by far the easiest method for shampooing a patient in bed.  See the Basin in our Personal Care department of our store. The Basin is a vinyl inflatable “sink” that has a six-inch neck opening to position the patient comfortably while lying down.  It measures 24 inches wide and 20 inches long so it fits right where the patient’s pillow would be on the bed.

The surface is soft, comfortable for the patient’s neck, yet the basin is durable and it is six inches deep to hold the water.  The Basin must be inflated. This can be done with a bicycle pump which is not included. Or, it can be inflated by blowing it up with your mouth.

Before the shampoo, the caregiver will need to protect the bed linens and the patient’s clothing from getting wet during the shampoo.  You might cover the sheets with a plastic bath mat or a plastic shower curtain, or put an absorbent underpad on the sheet.

Try using a plastic cape to cover the patient’s clothing. Actually, shampooing with the Basin is not usually a messy job. Place the inflated Basin on the bed and help the patient position his head in the neck slot.

The water from the Basin will be drained by a hose which is attached. Position a bucket or other container at the end of the hose beside the bed to hold the water when it drains.

To wet the hair, you may use warm water from a pitcher or cup. The Basin holds over 2 ½ gallons of water, so you will have plenty to use without overflowing the Basin.

Or, you may purchase an EZ Shower to go with the Basin, which is sold separately. This is a heavy-duty bag which holds 2 ½ gallons of water. You will use the water from the EZ Shower, rather than pouring from a cup or pitcher.

How Often to Wash *

  • “The idea that hair needs to be washed frequently is more about social custom than medical need. In deciding how often to wash an older adult’s hair, first go with his preference. If a shampoo every day or two makes him feel good, this is an excellent reason to stick with tradition.
    Otherwise, pay attention to the condition of his hair, including how it smells, and shampoo his hair whenever it seems dirty. If you see scalp irritation, a rash, or persistent dandruff, he should see a doctor.”

The  EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower are made to work together but sold separately.

EZ Shampoo Basin and Shower
Ez-Shower with Ez-Shampoo

The EZ Shower bag hangs on a bed headboard pole or an IV pole, and gravity will feed the water down a hose to provide a stream of water. The water can be controlled with the on/off switch on the  hose. There is a small spray head on the hose so the caregiver can spray the patient’s hair.

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