Energy Assistance Programs for Seniors

Energy Assistance Programs for Seniors

There are energy assistance programs for seniors who are struggling with their energy bills. Making your home more energy efficient can help you be comfortable this summer. You might be eligible for free assistance in weatherizing your home and in paying for utility bills. Who wouldn’t love a more energy efficient home?

Each year, Congress appropriate LIHEAP funds for certain populations for energy efficiency and weatherization improvements for their homes. Each state administers the state-wide programs for low income, elderly, and disabled individuals.  These energy assistance programs are limited, and there are eligibility qualifications regarding age, disability, and number of people in the home.

Learn more about Utility Assistance.

Weatherizing Your Home

If your home lacks insulation or has outdated and inefficient furnaces or air conditioning, improvements to the home can be provided by weatherization assistance programs of your state. Caulking, insulation, replacement of inefficient refrigerators, air conditioners and lights are the kinds of improvements that are available to qualifying residents.

Energy efficiency results in lower energy bills in every season. Adequate heat and cooling with energy-efficient appliances in help vulnerable seniors stay comfortable and healthy at home.   Effective weatherization of a home makes it more valuable as real estate also.  Weatherization is a win-win for everyone!

In Texas, the Weatherization Assistance Program for your area can be reached by calling toll free: 1 (888) 606-8889.  Information online is here.

Help to Pay Bills

Are you afraid to open your utility bills because you doubt you can pay them? Or, are you drastically limiting the use of air conditioning or heating in your home to reduce the next electric or gas bill?  Are you hoping you can sweat it out without a fan or an air conditioner?

The federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) in your state may be able to assist you with utility bills.  Different state agencies administer the program in different states.   There are eligibility requirements such as income, age, and disability.

Additional Assistance

In addition, many charitable and non-profit social organizations such as Salvation Army centers, senior citizens’ centers, food pantries, and churches also have programs which help eligible individuals with utility bill payments.  Contact such an organization in your area to ask about state and charitable programs for utility assistance near you.

Use just the energy you need with energy efficient appliances and home.  Pay what you can afford to stay comfortable and healthy in your home.   Use the state programs available to eligible seniors to make each season comfortable and safe at home.

You can learn about energy assistance programs in your state by visiting this website.

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