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 Holiday Meals with Diabetic Patients

Thanksgiving is coming up, and probably you are going to do some cooking or some eating or both! And then there’s Christmas holidays coming up, and you may be the cook for those meals too.   If there are diabetic patients among your family and friends who will be visiting with you, then you may be wondering how you can prepare meals that are healthy for them.   You want to help everyone enjoy healthy and favorite foods, but do you know how to do that?

Luckily, there is a lot of help available from  the American Diabetes Association at their website’s , Diabetes Food Hub,  a good source of nutrition information, meal plans and recipes  for  people living with diabetes. This is a good source of information from dieticians and nutrition experts for diabetic patients.

Diabetes Food Hub

At the Diabetes Food Hub, you can use the Meal Planner and Grocery List features on to make planning meals, tracking nutrition, and shopping for groceries easy for you.

The Meal Planner uses recipes you’ve saved to your Recipe Box for choosing favorite dishes and planning meals. You can save recipes by clicking the star icon on recipes. You can then view these recipes in your Recipe Box.

If your family members with diabetes will be eating  several meals with you during the holidays, then  save different types of recipes, such as sides, breakfasts, lunches, and main dishes, so you can plan complete meals.  You can build a calendar of meals for the holidays on the website.

If a patient might want to see nutrition information for each meal, you can get the Nutrition Facts for a whole day’s meals  on the Hub also.

Once you have done your meal plan, click on the “Generate Grocery List” button at the top of the meal planner.  This convenient feature will send all of the ingredients from each of the recipes in your custom meal plan to the Grocery List feature. There, you’ll find each ingredient organized by grocery store section.   Shoppers can then print out, email, or download the grocery list.

So, don’t wait any longer; get started on choosing some recipes for Thanksgiving that are healthy for people with diabetes.  Start your free account with Diabetes Food Hub at the website of the American Diabetes Association.  Get some recipes that your family and friends will enjoy during the holidays.

Help everyone be safe and healthy at home during holiday meals!


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