Covid-19 Care

Caring for a Covid-19 Patient

Lately, it seems that all news is about the pandemic. If you are providing Covid-19 care at home for someone, then you probably have all kinds of questions. Like, what about daily living situations and preventing contagion when doing their laundry or washing their dishes?    What about being safe while keeping the patient’s room clean?  And how much contact can other family members have with the patient?

*Note: Older adults and people of any age with serious underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for developing more severe illness from COVID-19. People at higher risk of severe illness should call their doctor as soon as symptoms start.

Free Information

There is a great organization we follow called Visiting Nurse Service of New York City. They have an excellent information page that covers Covid-19 care. You can get this free page that covers the basics of daily living tasks for a caregiver or patient titled “Recovering from Covid-19 at home.” 

The first section gives advice that will help prevent spreading the virus to other household members.  Germ disinfection of the household items and transmission prevention measures are described.   Guidelines about what to clean and what to use when cleaning are explained in the article.

Also, the CDC provides helpful information in this article for everyone in your household. can help you if you are a caregiver providing Covid-19 care of a positive person recovering at home.  The information page (Recovering from Covid-19 at home) instructs caregivers to have the patient use a separate bathroom away from the other household members.

Bedside Toilet

If you do not have a second bathroom, you can create a toileting area with a bedside commode. This will isolate the bathroom for use by non-positive persons. We offer a bedside commode, a commode chair, and a bariatric bedside commode for placement in a private area.

Also, toilet liners inside the pail of the portable bedside toilet can help you keep clean-up simpler and safer for the caregiver. CareBag Absorbent Liners are user-friendly and are easy to close and dispose of after use. Liquid waste becomes gel-like inside the liner.

Once sealed, the liner considerably reduces the risk of spills, splashes and odors.   It also shields the commode pail, avoiding its soiling and contamination related to its use. There are 20 liners in the box. You can find them in the Bath Shop department right here on

Be sure to clean and disinfect your bedside commode surfaces and to wash your hands before assisting the patient. Then, dispose of the toilet liner.

Keep safe at home and get well soon!

* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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