ADA Act results

 The ADA has made big changes for people with disabilities and seniors in workplaces, public buildings, businesses, hospitals, colleges, and public agencies over the past 30 years.

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Energy Assistance Programs

Energy Assistance Programs for Seniors

Energy Assistance Programs for Seniors There are energy assistance programs for seniors who are struggling with their energy bills. Making your home more energy efficient can help you be comfortable this summer. You might be eligible for free assistance in weatherizing your home and in….

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Alzheimer’s Awareness

Alzheimer's Awareness

Alzheimer’s Awareness month, and there is no better time to give some thought to your brain. Yes, your brain. Some helpful tips to maintain and improve your brain’s health.

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At Your Front Door

Stairs are trouble for disabled.

Thresholds can be troublesome to cane, walker, and wheelchair users. If you have a threshold at any door over ¾ inch to 6 inches in height, a threshold ramp would be a good solution for that doorway.

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Caregiver Support

Senior Centers - caregiver

Caregiver support groups provide opportunities for caregivers who find the weather, transportation, or finding a caregiver substitute an obstacle to attending a meeting in person.

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Caregiving During COVID-19

Covid-19 caregiving

This brief blog is to summarize a few basics that caregivers should know about caregiving during COVID-19 to be safe and prepared at home.

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Cost of Caregiving

Cost of Caregiving for Bommers

Taking care of our aging parents is like a right of passage. We’ll all face it sooner or later. The difference today is the “parents” are baby boomers.

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VA Caregiver Support

VA Caregiver Support

We owe veterans who served and those who serve them a great deal of respect. The VA Caregiver Support Line offers a lifeline of help and hope. Learn about some courses and resources offered to caregivers of military vets.

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Moving and Medicare Coverage

Moving and Medicare

It is wonderful to have family members in another area or state who will share caregiving for an elderly patient. However, if the patient moves to live in a different state, the patient’s Medicare coverage could change.

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Finding Help for Caregivers

elderly guardianship, finding help for caregivers

Finding the help you need is important. You need help to keep from burning out. Here are plenty of good ideas to help you find caregiving help.

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