The Gift of Caregivers

Caregiver talking

For me, being a Caregiver is just the same as being family. We’re all in this together. Sure we all have our dreams and plans to change the world. And different members are in different places along “life’s journey”. But no matter what, we still….

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Cooking to Stop Diabetes

Swalling problems - Cooking to Stop Diabetic Patients

You probably know a few people who have diabetes. Maybe you have diabetes yourself. Diabetes is a disease that can be controlled, and even prevented. Unfortunately, diabetes has become increasingly common among populations of certain areas in the country. These places form the “Diabetes Belt.”

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Free Recipes for Healthy Living!

Still life with fresh tomatoes

The whole family will enjoy these recipes even if none of them have diabetes. If you are the cook at your house, you know the need for some new healthy meals sometimes. And this couldn’t be easier or cost less.

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At Your Front Door

Stairs are trouble for disabled.

Thresholds can be troublesome to cane, walker, and wheelchair users. If you have a threshold at any door over ¾ inch to 6 inches in height, a threshold ramp would be a good solution for that doorway.

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Diabetics and Their Caregivers

3D Effect Icon "Diabetes"

My Health Advisor is an online health advisory and information interactive questionnaire at the American Diabetes Association website. To learn more about it read more.

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Medical Forms

Medical Forms

Emergency Information Record  with Medical Forms Helps You Prepare A trip to the hospital emergency room is not usually a pleasant or a planned experience. You and your loved one may be stressed and upset and not thinking clearly. The person who is experiencing a….

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About Family Caregiving

Man In Deep Thought

I always knew this would happen, but I didn’t want to think about it. Now, the day of decision is upon us and everyone is looking at me. I don’t have a magic answer.

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Nova’s Suction Cup Grab Bars

Suction Cup Grab Bar

First time I saw one of these things, I thought “No way! That thing is an accident looking for a place to happen!” But after owning one, holding it in my own hand, I must say it does have a place, a useful place in….

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Prepare for a Comfortable and Safe Stay

Traveling Seniors - Comfortable and Safe Stay

Preparing to Have a Comfortable and Safe Stay Holidays are a favorite time for travel for most people. Caregivers and care-receivers can also enjoy traveling during the summer, with a little more planning and preparation to have a comfortable and safe stay while you visit….

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Best-Fit Wheelchair

Wheel chair

There are times when any old wheelchair will do. Like for temporary use. But for most people who need a wheelchair, any adjustments that can be made to improve ease of use and mobility are welcome. Learn how to get a wheelchair that fits your….

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