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Caring for Military Families

Holding Hands

The Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Elizabeth Dole, former U.S. senator and former head of the Red Cross, has been a caregiver for her husband, the former Senator, Bob Dole, when he was in the hospital for most of 2010.  So, she knows the role of spouse and caregiver. Since her husband was in Walter Reed Army Medical Center, she was also able to observe other special caregivers, the family members of military men and women who were patients there.

Her experiences made her even more aware of the unique needs of caregivers of veterans and active military members.  So her foundation is working to develop more support services just for that population. The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is funding some very important projects for three organizations which serve military families and veterans and their families.

One grant from the Foundation went to the National Military Family Association to help them create a clearinghouse of information enabling caregivers’ voices to be heard on veteran benefits, programs, and services.   Find more information about NMFA HERE.

Another grant went to the Military Officers Association of America to help caregivers with legal and financial planning and personalized counsel about powers of attorney, advanced directives, medical-disability insurance benefits.

Find more information about MOAA HERE.


The Foundation also gave a grant to the Military Child Education Coalition to enable the organization to conduct workshops for caregivers about the needs of military children.  Military children are affected by family separation and other unique issues, and some of them are involved in family caregiving themselves.   The workshops will include information about resources for children at major military hospitals, wounded warrior units, and local schools.


Please seek out these websites and the services offered there if you are a vet or a caregiver for a vet or active military member. We salute you for your service in our armed forces. And we salute your caregiver who also serves.

See more information at Elizabeth Dole Foundation.