Staying Cool in the Summertime


It’s summer and it’s hot here in Texas.  It’s probably getting hot wherever you are this summer.  And that heat can be dangerous to those who work or exercise outdoors, to the youngest children, to the elderly, and to anyone who is unable to stay….

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

Plants for Seniors

I have a friend who has always been a vegetable gardener. One day he had a stroke and ended up in a wheelchair. His family had wooden boxes, like flower boxes, installed on a fence at the height he can reach around the paved patio. ….

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Kitchen Safety Tips

Carrots and celery

Convenience and Safety at Mealtimes. When one has problems with vision, mobility, or coordination, working in the kitchen can become hazardous. Instead of giving up cooking for yourself and others, plan ahead to overcome those inconveniences and obstacles in the kitchen.  Bring back the happiness….

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Building a Dream


Caregiving has a positive effect on many good people. Learning to handle stress, putting others ahead of our selves, time management and other acquired skills can benefit us personally ,… and for years beyond our caregiving service. That’s why we decided to put our 13+….

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