Grandpa is Still Driving.

Grandpa with Car

Part 2: Making the Decision Not to Drive In Part I, we mentioned some of the situations that cause a caregiver to doubt whether a family member is still a competent driver. Accidents or near misses, recklessness when driving, being forgetful about one’s destination or….

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Is Grandpa Still Driving?

Active Senior with Car

This is the first in a two-part series on senior driving. Senior driving is a serious issue in our families today. The solution is not as simple as “Just stop driving.”  Today, I would like to address some of the issues that concern drivers as….

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Diabetics and their Caregivers

3D Effect Icon "Diabetes"

 Are you caring for a diabetic patient?  Or do you have diabetes yourself? Or, perhaps you are worried that you might have diabetes? My Health Advisor at the website of the American Diabetes Association may be just the helper you are seeking. My Health Advisor….

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MS Focus, the magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Caregiving Basics, senior citizen's center

The magazine of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation offers many good articles that are informative and helpful to M.S. patients and to their caregivers.  The magazine MS Focus is a quarterly magazine available free to patients, their family members, and those interested in multiple sclerosis.  The….

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Swallowing Problems in Elderly

swallowing problems in elderly

When the elderly develop swallowing problems it can cause their overall quality of life to decline. A good nutritious diet is important to maintain. If you are experiencing this problem, here are sources and suggestions for help. Continue reading to find out more.

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Seven things a Caregiver might say to friends.

Walking and talking

If a caregiver could talk to her/his friends who want to help, here are seven things that a caregiver might say: 1. Don’t avoid me.  Be the friend you have always been.  Come on over, but call before you come because sometimes we’re out for….

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Great source to help you afford prescription medications.

prescription assistance

Do you need financial help to afford your prescription medications? You are not alone. The cost of prescription medications can be high, and the stress of trying to afford medications on a limited income is a frustration common to many caregivers and patients. There are….

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Metro Car Handle from Stander

metro car handle

Product Review by Georgia If you or the loved one you care for has difficulty getting in and out of the car, then this little device may be your answer.  The Metro Car Handle is designed to fit neatly and easily into the striker hook….

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Staying Cool in the Summertime


It’s summer and it’s hot here in Texas.  It’s probably getting hot wherever you are this summer.  And that heat can be dangerous to those who work or exercise outdoors, to the youngest children, to the elderly, and to anyone who is unable to stay….

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