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Do You Need Caregiving Help?

Caregiving is hard work.  It can be even harder in some situations.  Perhaps you live at a distance from your loved one, and you have trouble keeping up with what is going on with your loved one. That’s worrisome. Maybe you are uncertain about your legal rights and obligations and those of your loved one. That’s a reason for stress. It can be frustrating when your family members are at odds with each other about important care decisions.

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If your loved one’s condition is constantly declining, and you feel helpless about the situation, it can be overwhelming.  When you have been unsuccessful at finding the right diagnosis, or doctor, or care facility for your loved one, then that will steal your sleep at night.

There’s just so much going on for a caregiver: finances, scheduling appointments, medication schedules, time management, and the list goes on. There is stress, worry, uncertainty, and frustration in all these common situations of caregiving.

Find Caregiving Help

But caregiving help is available, professional help in your area and near your loved one.   Here are two sources of professional help that can relieve your stress, and improve your life and the life of your loved one.  You may need their help, now or in the future.

Eldercare Locator

Eldercare Locator is a public service of the U.S. Administration on Aging connecting you to services for older adults and their families.  Or, you can call Eldercare Locator toll free at 1-800-677-1116. Or you can email [email protected]

This service will connect you with your Area Agency on Aging, a great resource with answers for many kinds of concerns. This agency can help finding in-home support services for your loved one. Or do you need to know what community services are available in your loved one’s area? Eldercare Locator can direct you to those resources.

You need advice about:

  • legal matters
  • housing
  • transportation services
  • insurance services
  • health services relevant to conditions of the geriatric population

Eldercare Locator is where you can find answers.  The information and assistance is free!   So a great deal of referral information is online at the website.  And this free service can direct you to the organization, agency, or government agency that can help you.

Aging Life Care Association

The Aging Life Care Association is a network of professionals of various expertise and experience who work with the elderly and their caregivers. According the website, “ALCA is committed to maximizing the independence and autonomy of aging adults and strives to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective health and human services.

Through education, advocacy, counseling, and service delivery, ALCA members assist older persons and their families in coping with the challenges of aging.”

Many ALCA members are social workers,  elder law attorneys,  nurses,  and psychologists,  who are licensed in their state for professional work relating to the elderly. The professional members must hold degrees and professional certifications and licensing, and uphold a professional code of ethics and conduct.  A caregiver can access a list of professional members of ALCA in particular zip codes on the ALCA  website. You see and check the qualifications and professional services. These are professionals, and they do charge for their services.

You can the caregiving help you need. Read the websites, then call or email.  There is help for you and your loved one readily available from concerned, helpful, professional people across our nation.  You will be glad you got the help you needed.

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