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Caregiving Basics Videos

Caregiving Basics, senior citizen's center

Videos About Caregiving Basics

As a caregiver, your time for watching videos is probably limited. You may get in a video on silly cats on YouTube once in a while, but you really probably don’t have much time to spend on videos. However, there is a series of videos from the Home Alone Alliance, a national consortium working with the AARP Public Policy Institute, that you really should make time to watch.  The Home Alone Alliances is a partnership of public, private, and nonprofit sector organizations coming together to help family caregivers.   Watching these videos can help you learn some caregiving basics.

The Home Alone Alliance has produced short videos in English and Spanish to show caregivers how to safely perform some basics of caregiving.   The first five videos give help with mobility tasks such as transfers and equipment use. The brief videos are helpful to both caregivers and care-receivers.

The video  titled “Using a Walker or Cane and Navigating Stairs” is a  short one, but is very helpful in illustrating the proper techniques of walking with a cane,  walking with  a walker, and using a cane to  climb stairs.  It reminded me that a cane is held on the stronger side of the body, not on the weaker side, which seems just the opposite of what you would think.  The video gave some good tips on climbing stairs while using a cane also.

Someone you know a caregiver?
Try reading“Family Caregivers and How You Can Help”.

Another helpful video is titled “Getting from a Car to a Wheelchair.”   This practical topic is demonstrated in a short video.  It is much needed because caregivers do have difficulty managing a patient getting in and out of a car.

The five short videos presently available in both Spanish and English are well worth your time. They provide a needed opportunity to get instruction on common mobility tasks which often puzzle or frustrate caregivers.

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