Building a Dream | Caregiving at Home

I’ve been working on this dream I’ve had for a while now. It started by caregiving at home.

Originally, my wife and I were looking for a way to generate a little income during the so-called “golden years”.

It seems the economic downturn of late has not been very kind to us. I know, I know,  join the club, right? Anyway, we did a little soul- searching,  and looked at our strengths and our weaknesses.  In the end, we wanted something that…

  1. My wife and I could do together.
  2. We felt passionate about, enjoyed, believed in.
  3. Would not only be about  money, but  would provide a useful, helping hand to others who have  similar needs.

And so, Caregiver-Aid was born.

The short version: we were caregiving at home for an ailing family member during their last days of life.  We did caregiving with all that means in the way of doctors, nurses, hospitals, home healthcare, rehab facilities, all kinds of equipment, and all hours of the night. And we did it twice!  Once for my mother – and then again for my wife’s mother.

It kinda feels like a rite of passage. Been there – done that.

I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea. I’m no hero; it takes a family to be caregivers. I was just one of the helpers, along with my sister, my brother, my wife and young son. (You’d be surprised how much help kids can be.)

As I look back over that season of our life, as stressful as it was at the time, I’m glad I was there and able to help.

A Sense of Gratitude

Our experiences of family caregiving,.. the opportunity to care for the one that cared for me, Flowersthe hectic schedules, the laughter and tears,…  they all have a way of helping a soul focus on the important things in life. It brought my family closer together. It helped me to appreciate all that I have, and how to live the moment, and how not let bad days overshadow the good ones.

There’s a line from one of my favorite songs, ” The Prayer of St. Francis”…

It is in giving of ourselves that we receive,

So, here we are, with our wagon of wares and a story to tell.   And a little dream, As this dream grows more defined  and starts to mature, perhaps some will find something of value here or some kind of direction. And that will be  a Good Day.

This article has been updated for clarity and content on 8/22/2021

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