Alzheimer's Awareness

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

June is Alzheimer’s Awareness month, and there is no better time to give some thought to your brain. Yes, your brain.  Because doing things that help your brain can help slow, reduce or eliminate your chances of cognitive decline which is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.  The Alzheimer’s Association has some helpful tips to maintain and improve your brain’s health.

The Alzheimer’s  Association is a non-profit  organization  founded in 1980 by a group of family caregivers and individuals  who knew that  there was a need for support to those facing Alzheimer’s and to increase research  and awareness into the disease.  The organization offers so many free resources to caregivers, family members and individuals concerned about Alzheimer ’s disease!  Online information, publications, caregiver training, medical information, a virtual library, and a  phone helpline are some the excellent supportive resources the Association provides free.

If you have questions, if you are seeking resources, facts, or just need a few minutes to get some encouragement in caregiving, use their website or their [email protected] 800-272-3900.


So, what does the Alzheimer’s Association suggest to improve brain health? In their “10 Ways to Love your Brain,” ten simple practices are listed. Most are commonsense, but we all need to be reminded, don’t we? Here is a condensed version:

  • Exercise enough to increase your blood flow to the brain.
  • Learn something by taking a class because education helps your brain.
  • Stop smoking or don’t start.
  • Take care of your heart health by identifying and reducing cardiovascular risk factors.
  • Protect your brain by reducing falls, wearing a helmet, using seat belts.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Seek help for depression or other mental health problems.
  • Socialize; find an outlet to be with people.
  • Challenge yourself to make something, do something, learn something new.

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Improve your Alzheimer’s Awareness .These 10 tips are  the essentials of a healthy lifestyle that will improve  your health and your happiness. Make these your resolutions for this month and the rest of the year.  Thank you, Alzheimer’s Association!

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