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Great source to help you afford prescription medications.

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Do you need financial help to afford your prescription medications?

You are not alone. The cost of prescription medications can be high, and the stress of trying to afford medications on a limited income is a frustration common to many caregivers and patients.

There are a few assistance programs available nationwide to help patients afford prescription medications. RxHope is one of those you might use.  RxHope is the largest independent online patient assistance program which helps patients obtain their prescription medicines at a reduced price or for free. You must be able to prove that your income is low enough to make you eligible for financial assistance for the particular prescription medication you need. The program is available in all 50 states. And, the assistance is free to the patient and the doctor.  RxHope contracts with the pharmaceutical companies to provide this information service. It is not the direct provider of the medication.

Your doctor’s office staff can help your complete your request online at the office computer, or you the patient can print out a blank paper application which your doctor must complete and sign.  The patient application process online is easy and the instructions are simple to perform.  You must know the name of the medication you have been prescribed and want assistance to afford and obtain.

If you need assistance, a customer service representative can be reached by email or by phone. The email for customer service there is  [email protected]  Call 1-877- 267-0517,    Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Time.  RxHope is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Instead of waiting for weeks to find out if you are eligible, and when the assistance will begin, you can use RxHope to get that information almost immediately.  Be aware that different pharmaceutical manufacturing companies have different eligibility guidelines. While you may not qualify for one company’s assistance on a particular prescription medication, you may yet qualify for another medication from another pharmaceutical company. It is worth the effort to see if you might be able to lower your medication expenses for any prescription. The website is

Be aware that the medication will be shipped to your doctor’s office usually, not to your home.  This is for your personal safety at home, and for the secure transport of your medication as well. Your doctor’s office staff will surely cooperate with you in getting your medications promptly.

When you receive a new prescription from your doctor, ask about how much this medication will cost.  Ask if the office staff can help you contact RxHope if you believe that you will not be able to afford this new prescription.  Tell your doctor’s staff about There are probably many other patients who can use the helpful information the website offers.

Give them a try, you may be able to get your necessary prescriptions and some savings as well.