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Aching Back

aching back

Help for Your Aching Back: the Nova Back Cushion with Hot/Cold Pack

If you are a caregiver, you probably have had an aching back.  The hours on your feet, lifting and bending will do that to you.

And if you are a patient, you probably have had an aching back also. Whether it’s the physical therapy exercises, a funny stiffness after sleeping, or the same old backache you’ve always had, you know how it feels.

So, here’s some relief for both of you and your backs. It’s a back cushion with a hot and cold pack built in.  The Nova product is perfect for the caregiver or patient on the go who does not have time to lay in bed with a heating pad or an ice pack.  This back cushion will fit in your office chair, dining chair, recliner or  your wheelchair, so you can do what you normally do while you sit and get some relief for your back at the same time.  The cushion measures 14  inches wide and 13 inches in height.

You might also consider a elevating knee pillow that will help to reduce tension on your lower back and along your legs. But that’s for another article. Back to the Nova cushion.

Cold/Hot pack

There is a blue hot and cold gel pack that comes with the cushion.  To use the gel pack as a cold pack, just store in the freezer for at least two hours, and then slip it into the slot in the cushion.  It is safely held in place right on the spot where you need it.

To use the gel pack as a hot pack, just place the pack in boiling water for five minutes or less or heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds.  Be careful when handling the hot pack. Let it cool a bit, then use an oven glove or a thick towel to handle it.  Slip the pack into the slot of the cushion. Then, enjoy as you sit and relax and get some relief.

The curved protruding lumbar support of this cushion is comfortable even without the gel pack inserted. The cushion features a removable insert for some extra padding around the gel pack.

The cushion is held in place on the chair back by an adjustable strap. You could also carry the cushion using the strap.

The cover of the cushion zips off for hand washing in cold water and air drying.

I have used this cushion, and I found it very convenient and comfortable way to apply heat or cold to my back while still getting my blogs written.

Try it, and you will like it too!

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