Man In Deep Thought

It’s About Family Caregiving

Will this work? Being Dad’s caregiver? What if we try it and it doesn’t work? What if we don’t try? That will make us the “Bad Guys”, won’t it? Man! I just don’t know.

Is my family going to be okay? What about the plans we’ve made? My kids aren’t going to wait.  They’re going to grow up, no matter what; they’re just not going to wait for this to be over.

I guess I knew this day was going to come. I always knew someday we’re going to have to help out Dad. He’s getting where he can hardly walk around anymore. He doesn’t clean his house; he forgets to take his mediation; he doesn’t want to bathe. He can be so darn hard-headed sometimes.

I know what You’re Thinking

I always knew this would happen, but I didn’t want to think about it. Now, the day of decision is upon us and everyone is looking at me. I don’t have a magic answer. Should we look at nursing homes? Aunt Maggie ended up in a nursing home and it didn’t go that well. She was unhappy with her room. Family was unhappy as well. But she was bedridden and the family was unable to care for her at home.

But Dad’s not that bad off. He may have slowed down, but he moves around on his own. And he really loves the kids. He would need one of their rooms though,… they won’t be happy about that. But maybe,… they do love their Grandpa. Maybe this family caregiving will work.

Consider reading Nursing Home Concerns

If we find a nursing home for him, it’s going to be expensive, and I can’t afford it. We would have to sell his home to pay for it. He definitely would not like that. But, then, I don’t think he’s going to like any answer I come up with.

You Can Do This

Whew! Lord, help us, what are we going to do? What do you want us to do?

I think,.. no, I know what I’m going to do. First – I’ll talk this over with my wife. I think she’ll be ok with this. She’ll have to be. But it’s got to be her free choice. And I’ll let her know that I’ll honor her decision. If all goes well, then we’ll talk to the kids.

After all,.. family caregiving concerns us all.

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*Editors note: This article was updated on 10/16/19 for clarity and content.