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  • heavy duty toilet

    Bariatric Bedside Commode ($197.50)
    reviewed by RJ - South Carolina

    I use this commode over the toilet because I can not stand up without rail assists on both sides. My previous over the toilet commode was the standard type with an aluminum frame and a 2 piece plastic lid that sat on top of the metal frame. I was forever pinching my skin between the metal frame and plastic seat...causing bruises or worse!

    My daughter-in-law found this commode at Caregiver-Aid and I LOVE it. No more getting pinched with the solid plastic sitting surface. It is comfortable, very sturdy, roomy and the rails are in the right place to assist me up and down without crowding me. I have been using this commode for about a year now.

    My only regret is that I didn't have it sooner! Ordering and shipping was quick and easy.

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  • Suitcase Tri-fold AS Ramp

    Suitcase Tri-Fold AS Ramp ($295.00$498.95)
    reviewed by Vicki - Illinois

    This ramp is easy to set up, move, etc. It's very sturdy and I highly recommend whether you are using a cane, walker or wheel chair. I purchased this for my mother and as her illness progressed from using her walker to my pushing her in a transport chair the ramp was a life saver. Mom has since passed and now my sister who needs a hip replacement and brother in-law who just had a knee replacement are using it. It's been a life saver for them too!

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