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  • Nov Mack HD Walker

    Nova Mack 4215 ()

    I'm 6'5" and weigh close to 300 lbs. This walker has the size and ruggedness that works for me. The larger wheels also make it easier to traverse uneven terrain.

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    Bob S
    2015-09-26 14:42:56
  • Boho Blossoms - Universal Mobility Bag

    Universal Mobility Bag ($24.50)

    Bought this bag as a Christmas gift for my grandmother.

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    C Waukesha, Wisconsin
    2014-11-04 15:03:45
  • Nova Padded Transfer Bench.

    Padded Shower Bench ($106.00)

    Both my wife and I are using the Shower Bench and find it very satisfactory.

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    NP Santa Ana, CA
    2014-11-04 14:48:01